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TKAMB21: To Kill A Mockingbird Meets the 21st Century

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So how to you take a classic book and make it relevant to kids today?  You include facebook, twitter, and im into the project.  My 8th graders ate this project up!  If you want to see if your students truly have a grasp of character development, have them write tweets as that character.  Check out my students’ TKAMB21 projects here!  This project idea can be used for social studies as well…imagine creating a facebook page for a historical character! Click here to see the original instructions.

2011 Update:

Since we’ve moved to a Google Platform, I formatted the assignment for Google Docs and used a Google Site to showcase their work. Templates for Google can be found here.

Also, I just read two books that are not appropriate for students, but a total riot for adults that explore this type of writing:

You can’t take it back: hot or not

You’ve all seen them…it’s the hot or not on the internet. Facebook has them, and the iphone even has an app for them. Click here to watch a video about a student that regrets participating in a site designed to rate people at his school. After watching the video, print out this discussion worksheet. It all may seem like a harmless joke until someone’s feelings get hurt…rating people online is a form of cyberbullying.