A Walk Down Memory Lane With Google Street View


I came across a post by @dougpete entitled “My Childhood Community”.  He used Google Street View to take a virtual walk down memory lane.  My head started spinning because I saw a student assignment in this.  After just finishing an immigration unit as well as a project called “What’s Your Story”, I was thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to tap into some 21st Century skills while connecting with adults.  I imagined my students sitting in front of a laptop with a parent or grandparent and asking them about where they grew up.  The child would then show them using Google Street View the places they were speaking of.  As the conversation developed, the tool would be used as a virtual treasure hunt where the two generations would be exploring, sparking memories, and learning from each other.  They will be able to talk about changes in childhood, buildings, and technology. What a recipe for a meaningful conversation!

I have not started this with my students yet, but have created directions for the project here. Even if  I don’t have time to fit this in for this current year, I have learned how to use Google in a way that I’ve never thought of before. Digital storytelling has become an integral part of my language arts curriculum, and this is just another extension to it.

This past week, I sat with my mom as we talked about my childhood. I showed her what I was doing on Google Street View and she was amazed at the technology!  We spent about an hour reminiscing and exploring our little town and the surrounding areas.  It truly was a great conversation and walk down memory lane.  I see her every day, but don’t always have the opportunity to connect in the way we did this week. Here we are just before my first birthday…I was just beginning to walk…

img028 (1)

Below are the examples that I made from that discussion with my mom:

Thanks to @dougpete for sharing your experience, and a special thanks to my mom that walked with me through my childhood, and continues to walk with me every day.


10 thoughts on “A Walk Down Memory Lane With Google Street View

  1. dougpete

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking things out. When you think about it, it really is such a simple concept that goes way over the edge with the power of the technology. I recently did a presentation where I lost the audience when I talked about Street View, my post, and your lesson. They had never used Street View at a personal level before. They all disappeared when I pointed out the most popular place that is visited. “My House”! I think you’ve got a winning idea here. I hope that it goes well when you get a chance to try it.

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  3. drjimkarustis

    This is a tremendous idea, and I agree, one can derive a host of projects as well from it! Personally, I’m already now planning to sit down with my Nonna. She’s 92 and it is difficult to have substantial conversations, but this will help and I predict a rich experience for my children and myself. Clinically, I am thinking about ways to use the idea for helping to heal those with affective issues.

    Thanks much – I like this blog and will keep following it.

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